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Ultimate Purchasing Guide of an Inverter AC

Inverter AC With the increasing environmental changes and rising climatic temperatures, even the cooler countries across the world are facing scorching and extreme summer days. When the temperature goes high, we only think of how to beat the heat and let cool air in. An inverter AC becomes a boon to everyone in this scenario, which ensures comfort in these sweaty and warm seasons. 

Air conditioners make sure that you can spend your summers stress-free. But before that, you need to purchase the best AC in India 1.5 ton that should be reliable and meet all your cooling needs. There are many factors to consider to help you in deciding the top-quality inverter AC that will be suitable for your home or office. In this article, we have offered a complete guide on inverter air conditioners and how to purchase them.

What is the working principle of an inverter AC?

The primary difference between an inverter air conditioner and a non-inverter one is in the compressor motor design. There are microprocessors present in inverter models that control the motor speed to match the necessary output. Once the space becomes cool, the machine lowers the motor speed to maintain the necessary temperature and save energy. 


What are the aspects to keep in mind while purchasing an AC?

While buying an inverter air conditioner, you should check out the machine type (split, window, portable, or inverter), room size and space, cost, energy efficiency, and BTU.

What are the primary components of an inverter air conditioner?

An air conditioner is mainly dependent on the refrigerant as it will travel throughout the entire unit, removing the heat from the inside and blowing cold air in. The components that support this entire process are as follows.


Compressor absorbs the heat from the air, forces it out, and distributes the cool air inside the room. It converts the refrigerant into a gas state and releases the heat outdoors.

Air filter

When an AC runs, air passes through the filter screen of the air filter. It traps all the particulate matter like pollen, pet dander, allergens, dust, and dirt. Some air filters can also get rid of bacteria from the air. 


The refrigerant passes through all the mechanical parts of an inverter AC and regulates the air temperature. It goes through the pipes and coils in the AC for cooling. The refrigerant includes properties that allow it to change at relatively low temperatures.

What is the meaning of BTU for an AC?

BTU measures the total energy of the best AC in India 1.5 ton consumed for removing the heat in 1 hour in a room. Thus, the higher the BTU or British thermal unit an AC has, the more efficient it is in cooling down a room. Tonnage and BTU primarily determine the cooling capacity of an air conditioner.

Wrapping it up

Purchasing an inverter AC is a big decision, affecting the comfort of your home and the overall temperature during high heat. You can decide on the best AC in India 1.5 ton, depending on the budget, additional features, and size of the room. All the points discussed in this writing will help you in making an informed decision while buying an air conditioner. 



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