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Tips for Designing an Outstanding Custom Pencil Box Wholesale

A pencil is one of the most usable writing items. This stationery item is used worldwide by almost all groups of people. Kids are the targeted audience that buys pencils. Protective packaging is required to store pencils safely and sell them effectively before the viewers. Using good packaging has become a trend to display products on shelves in a sophisticated manner. Creatively designed custom pencil boxes are an excellent way to flaunt colorful pencils on top of the shelves in an influential style.

How do you create extraordinary pencil packaging? This blog is written to make the audience familiar with the tips for designing an incredible and flawless custom pencil box wholesale.

Customize Custom Pencil Box’s Design Focusing Targeted Audiences:

First, you must work out on the box’s design and how you want pencil packaging to sound, like its size, style, shape, color, etc. You are supposed to finalize the box’s design inspecting the targeted audiences for the product. Kids are the most likeable audience to shop for pencils. So, you can opt for a handy and display packaging. Pencil box packaging with a window gives wholesome previews of the colorful pencils. Moreover, you can also opt for sleeve packaging. It is the most reliable option because of its effortless endings and openings. Adding inserts, hang tabs, and handles are also recommended to create user-oriented packaging.

Choose Quality Material for Designing a Sturdy Pencil Packaging:

Pencils are fragile in nature. They can break or crush easily due to storage or traveling shocks. Therefore, you have to stay quite careful during material selection. The sturdiest packaging not only preserves the actual quality of products but also leaves a positive impact on the audiences. We suggest using kraft, cardboard and corrugated paper to produce a durable custom pencil box. Brown kraft paper is the most suitable option for storing lightweight pencils. It is affordable and eco-friendly as well. Moreover, you can opt for cardboard boxes if you want to create appealing and sustainable packaging. Unlike kraft, cardboard paper is print-friendly and feasible for add-ons, laminations, finishings, etc.

Add Extra Embellishment to Create a Classy Pencil Box Wholesale:

This is the final stage of customization. Additional features like laminations, finishings and add-ons are applied to give a furnishing look to pencil box packaging wholesale. The detail of extra finishings is provided in the table below:


§  Coatings Add an extra layer of shield against the moisture, scratches, stains, fingerprints etc.

Result out in giving a flawless and gleaming texture to the box’s surface

§  Finishings Embellishing like embossing/debossing, or foil stamping add intensity to the color prints
§  Add-ons Die-cut, PVC sheet, inserts, hang tabs, handles etc. bring out a handy and delightful packaging


Custom bookend boxes are a versatile packaging option. These boxes a

What is the Purpose of Custom Bookend Boxes?

re used to store and present a broad range of retail items like beauty products, mobile accessories, skin care items, cannabis products, toys and many more retail items. Apart from its versatility, it is designed in a very unique and handy style. They open like a book and give an incredible unboxing experience to the clients. You can create the box into any particular color, size, material and add-ons following the needs of packed products. In addition, you can add a branded touch to packaging by adding a logo, tag lines, promotional slogans, etc.



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