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Interior Designer in Lahore Share Tips Design ideal room

Entertainment rooms have become an integral component of modern homes. An entertainment room provides a space to unwind, play or socialize. Most commonly home theatres, game rooms, media rooms, music rooms, play areas or reading areas are popular entertainment rooms in Pakistan. We consulted leading Interior Designer in Lahore in order to help create your ideal entertainment room and help make it a reality!

Select the Appropriate Space

When designing an entertainment room, the first step should be selecting an accessible location for guests to access easily. When choosing your room for sole entertainment purposes, Rashi Bothra and Ruchi Gehani, founders and Interior Designer in Lahore of Azure Interiors recommend choosing one with ample space that can be dedicated solely for that purpose. They advise selecting factors like size, layout and proximity of other rooms that ensure an immersive and relaxing experience.

Establish Your Function

Design an entertainment room that fits your specific needs and preferences. Knowing what will be happening within the space makes selecting furniture easier. The key to successful creation of such a room is selecting an ideal room.

Whether it is a spare bedroom, basement or another space that offers sufficient room for an entertainment setup and comfortable seating arrangements, define its main function – understanding this will enable you to plan the layout so there is enough room for movement, suggests Aparna Kaushik of Aparna Kaushik Design Group.

Your Entertainment Room Is an Opportunity to Show Off Your Individuality
An entertainment room can be an effective platform to express who you are through distinct decor accessories, original artwork and cozy soft furnishings that reflect who you are as an individual. “Our mission at PKD Studio has always been to create relaxing spaces where our clients can unwind,” according to Prachiti Khanvilkar, principal architect.

Priorities Comfort And Functionality

An ideal entertainment room must be inviting, aesthetically pleasing and functional at once. When designing one, emphasis should be given to comfort and functionality; plush seating like sofas and recliners should allow everyone to relax into the entertainment experience and make for easy media device accessibility and storage solutions to keep things organised – such as shelving units.

If space is tight consider creating multipurpose entertainment zones that serve as TV rooms, music corners and reading nooks by using versatile furniture like modular sofas or daybeds that adapt easily for various activities – as recommended by Studio Rohini Bagla principal designer Rohini Bagla.

Create A Multifunctional Space

To achieve this goal consider investing in an accommodating sectional sofa to seat friends and family comfortably add a multifunctional coffee table which doubles up as game table when necessary. As well as storage solutions to keep clutter at bay,” states Suren D’souza of Deksha Design Studio.

Pick Appropriate Seating

An entertainment room should provide an oasis for you and your guests to unwind, so select seating that complements the type of entertainment room you envision for it. Entertainment rooms can built into homes in various forms to add depth and dimension.

To create the ideal theatre room, an ideal set-up would include theatre-style seats on raised levels with a large screen. However, most Indian homes tend to go for more informal entertainment rooms featuring sectional couches with seats that stretch out for maximum comfort as well as small bar.

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