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How to Use Your Website to Promote Your Business

If your business operates in an attractive industry, use your website to highlight its achievements. For example, landscape companies could post before and after photos or weight loss success stories on their sites to demonstrate what sets them apart from competitors.

Your website can also help you communicate promotions directly to customers and prospects through direct mail. For instance, a local beauty consultant might send out flyers encouraging online purchases with discount codes included.

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Direct mail

Direct mail marketing can be an invaluable asset for businesses who wish to reach potential customers. Direct mail gives companies the flexibility of sending personalized messages and gifts directly to target audiences and can build brand recognition quickly. Furthermore, its high response rates don’t require initial permission like email or text messaging does.

Create creative and memorable direct mail pieces by choosing colors that complement your business image and including an obvious call to action – for instance, local beauty consultants could send coupons for online booking or discounts on products via direct mail. QR codes allow tracking responses and measuring its effectiveness!

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing enlists individuals with large followings on social media to promote products or services, bypassing traditional advertising cynicism while building trust between audiences and sponsors. Furthermore, influencer marketing can also serve as an excellent lead generator.

Before initiating an influencer marketing campaign, it is vitally important to set clear goals. Doing so will ensure the campaign meets with your overall business goals while providing you with a way of measuring its success. Consider metrics such as engagement rates, clicks, brand recognition and awareness as a measure of its efficacy.

Awario’s powerful analytics allow you to track metrics such as promo code tracking and attribution. This enables you to better understand how your influencer’s content is performing as well as measuring new followers to see if your campaign is drawing in larger audiences.


Mogul is an umbrella term referring to any individual or entity who holds significant power and influence within an industry or field, deriving its origins from Mughal Empire – an influential Muslim dynasty which ruled India from 16th to 19th centuries – Moguls may also be known by other terms, such as tycoon.

ChartMogul used Segment as the central repository for their entire data ecosystem, streamlining reporting and increasing attribution between tools while unlocking customer insights for their teams.

MOGL was developed by former Notre Dame football player Brandon Wimbush to enable college athletes to safely and legally monetize their image through TikTok platform. Players already using MOGL to promote brands such as Meta, DoorDash and Allbirds through TikTok platform.



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