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Essential Tips to Consider When Looking for Plots for Sale in Shahabad

Looking for Plots for Sale in Shahabad Industrial plots offer a wide array of benefits and business opportunities to new entrepreneurs and the ones who aim for expansion. However, it isn’t easy to choose the right plot, given the options. The choice can be tough, especially for novices. Panchkula offers excellent options not only for residential plots but also for industrial plots. 

Investors can choose from several government-approved and state-recognized industrial plots for sale in Barwala on NH7 Panchkula-Yamuna Nagar Highway. There might be a lack of options in cities, but if you move to smaller towns or suburbs, the options are quite impressive. Even the plots for sale in Shahabad are the perfect choice for any business. 

Here’s a look at some tips that will help in choosing the right industrial plot for a business:


Topography is an important consideration when looking for an industrial plot. Look for information such as the surrounding areas and altitude above sea level. Soil quality and groundwater in a location can significantly influence the value of the land and associated construction costs. Also, the site should be spacious enough to meet the immediate business needs and future growth. Planning gets simplified when the plot is regularly shaped.


While looking for an industrial plot, consider the nearby development of industrial facilities and infrastructure such as roads, telecommunication, distribution network, raw materials, water, storage, technology backup services, and more. If the roads are located far away, the cost of building the road will affect the potential of a site.

Logistics and Connectivity

There are several locations in the country with poor infrastructure. There is a lack of railroad and air connectivity in many areas. The manufacturing sector relies significantly on the logistics sector. Once the goods are produced, they must be transported to the warehouse or sellers. We need strong logistics with a strong emphasis on becoming self-reliant and reducing dependence on imports. Thus, a new business can’t ignore the logistic and connectivity factor associated with an industrial plot. 

Right Location

Deciding on building a manufacturing unit/ factory is not usually difficult. You look for land, start the construction process, and the unit is set! However, for the process to go through smoothly, it is essential to focus on the location of the industrial plot. The location’s proximity to landmarks, markets, nearby cities and states, and infrastructure should be considered while making the investment decision. 

Title of Land

For buying land, it is important to look at the history to see if there is any right to the land or if any rights might arise after your investment. Always look at the ownership documents of the property. It will prevent you from possible legal issues later on. Getting the documents verified and checked by legal counsel is better. 

Acquisition of Land

There have been instances of protests against the land acquisition by industrialists. It is essential to ensure that there are no disputes related to the land so that you can commence your business hassle-free.

Guidelines for Construction

It is essential to go through various guidelines published by the government while choosing an industrial plot for the factory. Look for permits from departments such as water, electricity, etc. File for registration along with taxes and fees. The investor should assess F.S.I., i.e., land’s floor space index, and F.A.R., i.e., floor area ratio, while buying a plot. The floor space index offers insight into the space that can be used for construction. Zoning codes use the floor area ratio for deciding the density of a building. Urban constructions generally reflect a higher floor area ratio.

State Policies

Central and state governments issue policies that might be specific to some industries or relevant to other sectors. It is essential to look at these policies as they offer a glimpse of the growth potential and ease of doing business in that area. Entrepreneurs must pay close attention to the policies of both state and central governments. 

Both state and central governments have introduced various incentives, schemes, and measures for different industries. Several policies and schemes help in the development of middle and small-sector businesses. On the other hand, some schemes focus on increasing the credit flow into the sector, while others aim at upgrading the technology and reviving the sick mills. 

Local Mindset

To understand the potential of the industrial plot for sale in Barwala, one must comprehend the global issues and their effect on local matters. Entrepreneurs need to showcase a global mentality while also considering the local scenario. 

Apart from the tips mentioned above, one must also look for the availability of human resources. Anticipating the challenges in finding technicians, labour, and staff will help overcome them. 

Considering these major factors when choosing the plots for sale in Shahabad or Barwala will help in giving a positive boost to your business journey. 



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