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Comparative Analysis: Public vs. Private High Schools in Australia

Comparative Analysis Despite the less population, Australia has produced many achievers in the field of science, arts as well as technology. Therefore, it will not be wrong to call the Australian Education System to rank itself among the best in the world. High schools in Australia have relatively strong standards, highly qualified and experienced teachers as well as panoptic curriculum. Focus has always been placed on non-discrimination as well as opportunities for equality. Importantly, a high school certificate of Australia is recognized and valued globally. 

Standards of Excellence for students from Abroad

ESOS: In the year 2000, Australia passed an act of Parliament on the Education services for Overseas Students (ESOS) . This act has set standards for safeguarding the interests of all International students in Australia. Every high school in Australia is expected to meet all the requirements of this Act before admitting any International student. 

CRICOS: The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students is a bureaucratic body. Schools admitting International students must abide by the CRICOS and its general guidelines. CRICOS also includes a vast list of all teaching institutions as well as courses they offer to International students. 

Public High Schools in Australia

The cost of studying in a public or state school in Australia is comparatively low with that of private schools. These schools do not have any formal uniforms as such like private schools. However, they have a lot of flexibility in their subjects that are made available to their students.  More than 50 subjects are offered to students by individual public high schools in Australia. Various Programs in the field of music, arts, dance, drama, aeronautics, Information Technology and business administration are offered to students. 

Private High Schools in Australia

The Private High Schools in Australia can be compared with that of British High Schools. The education level of these schools are comparatively higher than most of the other schools. Almost every student is enrolled in some or other extra curricular activity in these schools be it music or sports. Some of the private high schools are also boarding schools which offer convenience to parents living outside the town to send their children to study. 

List of Best Schools in Australia 

Dandenong Ranges Steiner School, Primary Campus, Melbourne

Dandenong Ranges Steiner School is a Co-educational school with classes from Prep to class VI in Melbourne. It also follows the Australian curriculum.

Scotch College

International Grammar School is a secular day-school both for boys and girls located at the outskirts of Ultimo. It currently victuals approximately 1200 students studying from preschool to class 12th. Because of its diversity in language and cultures among students, it is counted among the best schools in Australia. 

James Ruse Agricultural High School

This is one of the best high schools in Australia that has more than 800 students out of which 95% of them are of non-English speaking background and are either Chinese, Indian or Korean. 

Cheltenham Girls High School

Students studying in Cheltenham Girls High School are known for outperforming various other public schools in terms of higher school certificate (HSC). This school is also well known for encouraging its students to actively participate in numerous extracurricular activities. 

Australian schools adhere to the national curriculum framework, which is developed progressively and even executed in high schools. The best schools in Australia have set standards in various subjects including English, science, history, mathematics, business, economics as well as citizenship. 


Which English language tests are accepted by Australian institutions?  

Ans. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is among the most popular English language competency exams in Australia, and it is approved by practically all institutions. However, TOEFL, PTE and OET are also accepted by Australian institutions.



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