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All that you want to know about air handling unit design

The within an HVAC system is reliant on the particular project requirements and the designer’s approach to experience level, design, knowledge of code-driven necessities and standard practices, and the capability to communicate the design intent clearly through the research of plans and specifications.

While the AHU is an essential part of a building’s HVAC system, the whole system should be considered during a complete design. The selection, design, and arrangement of an AHU for a project depend upon several factors, some of which are performance, application, maintenance requirements, size, building location, overall cost to buy and install, and energy efficiency. As HVAC designers, offering a system that can meet the building’s comfort requirements at a budget-friendly cost while reducing maintenance costs and energy use is the primary goal. 

Basis of air handling unit design

One of the primary benefits of AHUs is their versatility. You can configure this to deal with a wide range of air conditioning requirements. You can use it in a range of applications, from small residential buildings to wide-ranging commercial or industrial facilities.


An air handling unit design, commonly known as an AHU, is the composition of elements present in big, accessible box-shaped units known as modules. It houses the apt ventilation requirements for air-conditioning, purifying, or renewing the indoor air in a building or premises. They are usually set up on the roofs of buildings, and via ducts, the air enters each room in the building. They are typically in the basement, on the roof, or the floors of a building.

Top 10 AHU manufacturers in India

Even though there are several air handling units available, a few among them are famous for their functionality and air handling unit design.

  1. Citizen Industries Ltd

Manufacturer and exporter of air handling units, animal caging systems, laboratory furniture, fume exhaust units, air handlers, animal care equipment, laboratory fume hoods, IV caging systems, laboratory work stations, HVAC equipment by citizen industries in Ahmedabad, India.

  1. Duex Industrial Systems

Catering to the industry necessities of quality air handling units and allied products, Duex offers clients more than a decade of experience in the manufacturing of a wide range of light savers, including ultrasonic cleaners, HVAC, dehumidifiers, clean air equipment, room dehumidifiers, air dryers, air drying, heat / energy recovery ventilator, industrial ventilator, etc. Established in Mumbai, India, in the year 1992, the products under the brand Duex are based on energy-saving and reliable scientific principles.

  1. Ravi Aircon Pvt Ltd 

Ravi Aircon Pvt Ltd is a reputed entity and holds prominence for manufacturing air management equipment. The company deals with a vast range of Air Management Equipments.

  1. Soham HVAC Enterprises

The company deals with Exhaust Units, AHU, Inline fans, scrubbers, pre-filters, and many other HVAC Products.

  1. Jawl Aire Equipments Address

It is a reputed entity and holds prominence for manufacturing air management equipment.

  1. SIMON Coil & Heat Exchanger

The company is the manufacturer & exporter of air handling units, chilled water cooling coils, ss steam finned tube heat exchangers, HDPE filter, microvee filters, etc.

  1. Khushi Manufacturers & Traders

The company deals in HVAC products like Air Handling Units, Centralized Air conditioning, Industrial dehumidifiers, Air and water Chiller and modular OPERATION THEATER.

  1. Valco Industries Ltd

Aluminum Extrusions excels in the manufacture and export of aluminum extrusions for industrial profiles transport architectural sections. All the products have received adulation and appreciation all over the world.

  1. Kavitha Air Equipments Systems

It is one of the well-known manufacturers famous for the fabrication of superior Handling Units, Dampers, Grills, Hepa Filter Modules, Raiser Models, Louvers, All Clean Rooms, and Sheet Metal Works. 

  1. Blowtech Engineers Private Limited

Setting new benchmarks of performance, the company engages in manufacturing and exporting world-class industrial air pollution control equipment & ventilation systems such as Centrifugal Blowers, Axial Flow Fans, and Industrial Air.

 These are some of the Top 10 AHU manufacturers in India.



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