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A Comprehensive Approach to Structuring Your Political Science Dissertation

Writing a political science dissertation is both an interesting and challenging endeavour at the same time because of the diverse nature of this subject. When crafting such papers, the students need to display their acquired knowledge in resolving contemporary research issues.

We have provided you with a comprehensive approach to how to structure your political science dissertation in the best possible manner. You must read your dissertation handbook to get a better idea of what is expected of you in your custom papers.

Asking for help from dissertation writing services also helps when you want to get the work done quickly. Let’s get back to the topic now.

Writing a Political Science Dissertation – Step-by-Step Guide

When writing a dissertation in political science, you must ensure the inclusion of a few crucial factors in your work. In political science research papers, you will have to present an amalgamation of both the pieces of evidence and arguments. It goes without saying that there is no definite way of optimally structuring your work here.

Here is how you write a top-class political science thesis in the best manner possible:

1. Identify the Research Question

What is something that you find troubling about your research topic? For example, you might predict that just as the Bolivian cocalero social movement led to the development of democratic space in the respective country, the social movements in Egypt would generate a similar result – but then they didn’t.

Now, that is a puzzling question – why didn’t it work out? Then, you go back step-by-step and find out the real factors involved in it.

Ensure that the research question you ask comes from a broader context and can be answered in more than one way. Multiple answers to a question are also possible.

2. Define the Key Terms of Your Work

You must establish the ground rules for your work before you go on to further state the experiments and findings of your work. For example, if you are working on the role played by the ethnic factors in the civil wars, first explain what a civil war is and what ethnicity means to you.

However, you must read extensively before coming up with a definition of your own about the key terms. In case there are any drawbacks to your definitions, mention them and then justify why you still insist on using them.

3. Draft the Literature Review

Then, you must read what other scholars have to say about the subject of your research. It should be similar to a book report but clearly explain the viewpoints of different authors about your research problem.

For example, if you are interested in the comparative analysis between voter turnout and partisan polarisation, there should be detailed sections in your literature review describing this relation.

Then, you can add examples of multiple political parties and political systems to justify your stance. It will enhance the value of your work. However, do not add too much material in this section – it shall be an appropriate number of pages in length for your research proposal.

4. Formulate the Theory

When choosing dissertation topics for political science, you must always pick a topic that has enough research material available on the topic. It is directly linked to the literature review section and will be grounded in the larger researcher’s community.

If you are confused about the theory part, you should ask for help from the faculty members. For example, when working on the COVID-19 pandemic issues, highlight the theory related to the media and political aspects of the said problem.

You should also review a political science dissertation example to get a better idea of how to finish your work. Also, keep in consideration that you meet the dedicated word count for your thesis.

5. Identify a Method

Usually, you will have to use the following two methods in your political science thesis:

  • Case studies
  • Statistical analyses

Contemplate how you are going to use the method to answer the central research questions of your work. That is to say, that you will have to choose and use the right method first.

When writing a political science dissertation proposal, you should mention all these relevant aspects in that section. If you feel it is difficult, you can also get top-notch political science dissertation help from a professional service provider.

6. Analyse Your Data

This step is usually hard, and it takes a lot of time to perform the analysis for your gathered data. You will have to spend ample time running the analysis procedures and coming up with the findings.

After the analysis is complete, then you will have to present the findings to the readers. Ensure that the readers fully understand the results of your work.

7. Edit Your Work

If you do not even bother to correct the typos in your work, it sends a terrible message to your readers. It will give them the impression that:

  • Either your work is not worth reading.
  • You do not take enough pride in your work.

So, to give your best impression to the readers, you must not forget to proofread and edit your work before the final submission. Allow yourself to spend enough time on the editing, revisions, and more correction work. Just make sure that you are meeting the deadline, and when you submit your work, it is in its best possible form.


So, while writing a political science dissertation, you should adhere to these requirements for getting better grades. It shall make your work stand out from the rest. Also, if you want your work to be high-quality, avoid adding anything to it that doesn’t go with the core theme of your subject.

There must be no mistakes in your papers when you finally submit them to your supervisor. Check to see that the essence of your work is preserved even during the editing process. Also, the arguments must be relevant to the dissertation topic.

You can also get help from dissertation writing services online in the United Kingdom to fine-tune your best political science dissertations. It helps you save time and relieves you of the academic burden.



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